Moira Scar

Moira Scar
MOIRA SCAR! left to right: Aimee S.: drums. Roxzan Zatan aka Roxy Monoxide: guitar, vocals, sax. Lu Lucifer aka LuLu Gamma Ray: synthesizers, vocals.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


From the ashes of The Floating Corpses, Roxy Monoxide and Lu Lu Gamma Ray called forth from cosmic abyss Moira Scar, pushing their synth-punk spaceship and sewer-rock dirge farther into uncharted waters, adding demon-jazz to their expanding witches cauldron of monster-wave movements. Excerpts From The Holy Scumbrella the first Moira Scar album, Slink To Intensity album number two, and with the addition of Bonus Beast, Moira Scar the trio unleashed Scarred For Life, a death-rocking and noise-exploring epic full length. An obscure mythology for lost souls and suspect spirits, a spell to break the mind control, Moira Scar is SpaceTime Resonator, a portal to other worlds.  Now we enter a new phaze, as Mikey Mayhem is the new third Scar of Moira.   

Moira Scar brought forth from the abyss by Roxy Monoxide (aka Roxana Fausti Arañia) and LuLu Gamma Ray (once was Lu Lu LaCorpse), who once were The Floating Corpses, with excursions as Terran Traumantics, past lives as Angel on the Nod and the Phantasy Defylment, and moments as Gutter Ghoulz . . ..   Moira Scar as duo self released two albums and toured multiple times.    Ryan Bonus Beast jumped in the Moira Scar-ship, expanding our soundz, as trio Moira Scar released full length album and toured the usa, before Bonus Beast left the Scar for other pastures, yet Moira didn't have to wait long to rock in her most inspired new trio form,  for Mikey Mayhem has become the new Moira Scar drummer of most pounding eloquence . . .  further transmissions from the Moira Scar cosmic muse entity are on the way!

Current side projects of Roxy and Lu Lu include V.E.X. (Ventriloquest Ectoplasmold Xanaxax) industrial no  wave theater; and Duchess Hotplate, ghost horns . . .

SpaceTime Resonators from Strange Snake Space, post mordem alchemist/kabbalah-voudoun/surrealist/infrarealist poetry gang/movement concieved and soon to be aborted, the fetus will be our trinkett, a zine of entrails to be divined, obscure rants, subversive tickles, words that scream and portal, bent on the destruction of the boring and stale poetry and reality rules, put up the spell or get out of the cauldron.

(un)like minded peers on these dilapidated piers, let's commune-ick-cake, bake it and eat it!
Moira Scar soon to embark on next tour: Across the States May 13 to June 13  2013!!!!!!!!!   before blasting through the wormhole of Sirius B to further dimensional meltdowns, any assistance (duct-tape and two inch reel to reel?) appreciated), as well as other heart smelt relic spinners of transmogification.

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  1. Tuesday, June 22, 2010
    Moira Scar record review: Slink to Intensity
    by Daniel E Lute LeVesque

    Embodying the ephermal nature of certain insects, Moira Scar’s music is at once organic, immediate, and similar to nothing that has come before. To call it “avant garde” would indicate that it could be labeled at all, and no other band/entity defies labels to the degree of Moira Scar.

    A shot of adrenaline in this postmodern landscape, Moira Scar brings together aspects of dada-ism, complex flux-ism, voodoo, conjure and madness, presenting its catharsis beneath layers of glittered soundscapes that will bedevil the listener. New yet somehow ancient, Moira Scar’s Slink to Intensity is like finding lost audio of an unknown tribe of urban shamans. The record in its entirety reveals a wall of complexities assembled with microsurgical precision; nothing is coincidental, and this is not noise.

    Tracks like “Blood Moon” peek into the midnight dreams of a musical shape-shifter, pulling us without notice from dark jazz filth to manic klezmer romps, while “Gnu Groove” promises to be the intergalactic dance hit for the New Aeon, the vocals slicing through a sonic backdrop like ripping silk, clean lines from high to low. All the way through to “Maggot Dance,” Slink to Intensity is a mutant feast for starving minds, a supernatural buffet of sound for hungry ears.

    The record, like the live performance, doesn’t simply happen but instead takes place in time, demanding the audience to analyze the here and now, to acknowledge it and draw it forth into the dark invisible. This intergalactic unity of sense and spirit produces a record that can resemble exorcism, frenzied benediction, or cathartic possession- all depending on how you look at it.

    Using guitars, drums, horns, synth and vox to alchemical effect, Pelvis and Sapphoid- the duo of humanoids who create the channel from which Moira Scar pours- evoke the innocence of demon-children singing lullabies, their presence blurring the line between art and life, between performance and existence. Eradicating any preconceived constructs that foolishly attempt to restrict transmission, Moira Scar is an open channel, a cosmic mystery box that you would trade in all your raffle tickets for.

    Don’t be scared. Hand over your tickets. Open the box.