Moira Scar

Moira Scar

Friday, May 16, 2014


MOIRA SCAR is going on a U.S. midwest/southwest tour Aug. 28-Sept 13 (with CA. shows before and after!) in support of our new album "PSCYCHOID" coming out on Cochon Records.  Tour schedule under construction, more T.B.A 

Sun. Aug 17: Santa Cruz CA at the Box, Blue Lagoon Tavern w/ The Spiritual Bat
Thurs. Aug. 21: Oakland CA at LCM w/ CCR Headcleaner, Sediment Club, SBSM, Arc Ov Light
Thur. Aug. 28: Salt Lake City UT at Boing with Foster Body
Fri. Aug. 29: Denver CO at The Glob
Sat. Aug. 30: Kansas City, MO with Nature Boys
Sun. Aug. 31: Minneapolis, MN with The Funeral And The Twilight
Wed. Sept. 3: Chicago, IL at 2040
Thurs. Sept. 4: Grand Rapids, MI t.b.a.
Fri. Sept. 5: Detroit, MI at The Precinct
Sat. Sept. 6: Cincinnati, OH Dark Ceremony w/ Cosmic Moon and No Slave To Tomorrow
Sun. Sept. 7: Birmingham, AL Spring Street Firehouse w/ Yakuza DanceMob
Tues. Sept 9: New Orleans, LA Alombrados O.T.O. Oasis w/ Gary Wrong and a Puppet Show!
Thurs Sept. 11: Austin TX 911 NoiseFest w/ Attic Ted, Styrofoam Sanchez, Future Blondes, H.I.Q.C., Skullcaster, and more!
Fri. Sept. 12: Austin TX Stargayzer Fest w/ a ton of awesome bands, flyer below!
Sat. Sept. 13: Denton or Ft. Worth TX
Fri. Sept. 20: San Francisco CA Hemlock Tavern w/ Mansion, Mane.


Tour schedule based around the STARGAYZER Festival in Austin TX. where we play on Fri. Sept. 12th!

On Tour with our new album Psychoid, available on high quality 12 inch vinyl w/digital download.

Sunday, October 6, 2013




Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Scar Vidz

De/Monster/A-Tiff video by Miguel Costa Serra.

live footage from First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland Ca. by Kevin Brown.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

East Bay Express reviews Scarred For Life!

East Bay Express February 27th, 2013.
by Whitney Phaneuf

Moira Scar, Scarred for Life. Any attempt to describe Moira Scar's sound — which is like stumbling upon a band of satanic, opera-singing, goth-punk gypsies in the middle of a PCP trip — sounds silly, but the music, while playful, is executed with great care. Most of the ten songs on Scarred for Life even border on catchy — for example, "Spacetime Resonators" with its repetitive, hyperactive guitar hook. The band's mix of psychedelia, punk, glam rock, and industrial may be best compared to an avant-garde outfit like Psychic TV, in that the only real expectation is that it will be loud and weird. (Resipiscent)
 At Cafe du Nord (2170 Market St., San Francisco) on Saturday, Mar. 23. 8 p.m., price TBD.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Get Scarred For Life Now!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

East Bay Express review

Moira Scar, Slink to Intensity
Moira Scar reminds one of when punk was weirder and a lot more fun. Like a demented hybrid of the New York Dolls, Sonic Youth and dark cabaret — plus some deliberately strange and provocative visuals — it's like GWAR for art school kids. "Slink to Intensity" sounds like it came off the soundtrack to an odd French animation, while "You Make Me Scream" has an almost Celtic folksy edge to it. If you're a lover of all things weird, dark, and kind of twisted, you're going to adore Moira Scar. (self-released)

Listen to the animals | San Francisco Bay Guardian

Listen to the animals San Francisco Bay Guardian